Social Impact Sellers

Finding it challenging to explain your mission?


Talk to investors?

Generate new sales?


Explain what it means to be a social impact company and deliver goods and services to market?


We are here to help.

Society Profits helps social impact businesses to navigate the procurement process, learn how to talk to CEO's, CSR Leads, heads of procurement, investors, funders and customers. When you join our no cost database of social impact sellers we add you to our selling platform Good Market. We connect you with our metrics, reporting and impact investment partners and we offer you third party global verification for your social business as a USA Certified Social Enterprise. Not sure if you are a social enterprise? Click this link to download a copy of the SEWF Understanding Social Enterprise PDF.


Our procurement services are free for every size of social impact business* and can be tailored for every skill level.​ 

Join Our Free Global Sales Platform

Good Market is a curated platform for businesses that create a better world. When you join the Society Profits network and we add you to Good Market you become one of our trusted and verified sellers. Being an accredited seller with the Social Enterprise Mark helps you to rank more highly and ensures your social enterprise will be trusted by corporate and government buyers. We also recognize many other verifiable, third party accreditations. Good Market is our partner in developing a U.S. wide social impact sales force - together we are looking at innovative supply chain solutions such as blockchain to provide socially minded buyers with verifiable, transparent and trustworthy goods and services. Please use this link to sign up as a seller on the Good Market platform. Society Profits will automatically add you to its US seller network. Having all of our sellers on Good Market helps us to map the social impact sellers across the country and collate data in one place for our buyers. It takes about 30 minutes to complete the application, it's totally free and there are no right or wrong answers. Contact Us if you want to ask more questions first.

Apply for your Global Certification

USA Certified Social Enterprise is part of the Social Enterprise Mark - the only globally recognized and third party verified accreditation for the social enterprise sector. Display this badge with pride whilst Society Profits increases the knowledge of the public about the incredible impact that social enterprises have in their communities.

Become a Social Impact Seller

Routes to market for your social impact business. Society Profits works as your intermediary, helping buyers to find you and understand your social or environmental impact. We support you through the bidding process and provide an online platform for you to find more customers through our partnership with Good Market.

* Joining Society Profits network within Good Market as a social impact seller is free of charge. There is a charge if you choose to add the USA Certified Social Enterprise accreditation. 

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