Research proves that
Social Impact Procurement:


  • Helps companies to retain employees

  • Improves shareholder satisfaction

  • Improves customer loyalty

  • Mitigates supply chain risk

  • Enables your company to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Enables companies to meet their
    sustainability and diversity goals

Looking for ways to make your business more relevant, improve return on investments and employee retention?


The social impact procurement model can make that happen. We work with partners to put verified, social and environmental impact goods and services into your everyday business supply chain. Buying from social impact businesses represents the greatest untapped potential in generating positive, sustainable social and environmental impact in our communities. We source our social impact sellers using the UN Sustainable Development Goals as our guide and our partner social enterprise Buy Social USA, works with your company to help you identify the impact you want to achieve and the suppliers that can help you do that.

Examples of Social Enterprise Suppliers


Raw materials and ingredients, packing and printed materials, uniforms and linens, furniture and furnishings, stationary, office supplies, toiletries, cleaning supplies, food and drinks, branded promotional materials, corporate gifts, etc.


Catering, event management, workspaces, venues, cleaning services, laundry, waste management, renewable energy, landscaping, construction, maintenance, marketing and communications, software, data entry, translation, workforce development, training

Social Impact Procurement provides your company with:

  • Sustainability 3.0 Solutions

  • Impact Metrics and Reporting

  • Tier 1, 2 and 3 Supplier Diversity Solutions

  • Integration with Blockchain Transparency Developments

  • An edge over your competitors to attract and retain top talent

  • Company values that millennials and Gen Z look for and expect. 

Finding it challenging in the current labor market to employ and retain dedicated, reliable staff?

By adopting a more purposeful approach, businesses have the power to create real change and bring disadvantaged people into the labor market; whether they’re young people, people of color, people with a disability, the long term unemployed, returning citizens or recently arrived migrants and refugees.


Want to make an impact for the environment, a social cause or to improve staff loyalty? By making small changes to the way you purchase, the impact can be enormous. The average Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) budget of most companies is around 100 times smaller than its procurement budget. If you have long term contracts with existing suppliers, we can work with them too, helping them source tier 2 and 3 goods in a more sustainable way.

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