Social Enterprise Certification

Prove your social impact credentials


  • Guarantee that your company puts people & planet before shareholders

  • Prove your social enterprise credibility with the only USA social enterprise accreditation

  • Become a trusted and transparent Seller on the Good Market platform and our partner Buy Social USA will work on your behalf to generate sales

  • Clearly demonstrate and articulate the positive impact you create with our clear social impact metrics and assessment tools through one of our impact reporting partners

"Certification is an endorsement of our ethics, standards and professionalism - recognizing our commitment to social impact"


USA Certified Social Enterprise is the only third-party accreditation for social enterprises in the US. Becoming a CSE holder guarantees you higher ranking within the Buy Social USA seller database. They work on your behalf to generate sales leads, procurement contracts, find support within their global network and help you clearly articulate your social impact to your stakeholders.

This is not self-certification or a tick-box exercise - this is transparent and impartial assessment, overseen by an independent Certification Panel. 

If your social enterprise is just starting out, ask us about the Aspiring Social Enterprise Mark.

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Qualification Criteria

To qualify as a USA Certified Social Enterprise, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be primarily dedicated to social and/or environmental objectives. 

  2. Must be an independent business.

  3. The principal proportion (at least 51%) of any profit made by the business must be dedicated to social/environmental purposes.

  4. Must distribute residual assets for social/environmental aims, if the company is dissolved.

  5. Must demonstrate that social/environmental objectives are being achieved.

  6. Must make more than half of its revenue from selling goods and services. (This can include grants for services or outputs.)

  7. Must be willing to sign the Society Profits Public Declaration and display it on your website.

All applications are assessed using the same Guidelines. Society Profits has an independent volunteer certification panel that oversees its work and assesses a random selection of applicants throughout the year. The panel is made up of industry experts and legal representatives from the US.

Certification Process

1. Complete the online form


Society Profits uses the free online form on the Good Market platform for primary curation. The form can be completed from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Help and tech support are available on the platform and by email.


It takes an average of 30 minutes to sign up and complete the Good Market form. The Certified Social Enterprise questions at the end of the form take an average of 45 minutes.


The Good Market form is usually processed within 24 hours. If it is approved, a free basic profile will be published on the Good Market global platform, and your profile will be added to the Society Profits network.


Society Profits reviews the Certified Social Enterprise questions and sends a followup email. If all criteria are met, supplementary documents are requested.

Click here to complete the online form


2. Submit supplementary documents


After receiving confirmation from Society Profits that the criteria are met, submit supplementary documents to Society Profits by email. These documents are for internal use only and will not be displayed, shared, or made publicly available.

  • Registration and governing documents 

  • Financial statements detailing revenue and profit distribution

  • Impact statements detailing social and / or environmental impact


Submit a signed Social Enterprise Public Declaration to be displayed on the Society Profits website and your website. 


3. Pay annual license fee


After paying the annual license fee, you will be:

  • Recognized as a USA Certified Social Enterprise

  • Able to use USA Certified Social Enterprise brand resources

  • Included in USA Certified Social Enterprise search results on the Good Market platform 

  • Eligible for social procurement opportunities through the Buy Social USA network.


To see an example of the Public Declaration Click Here.

Annual License Fee

There is an annual license fee for being a USA Certified Social Enterprise, which is calculated based on the revenue of your business. The fee tier will be assessed each year at the point of renewal, so if your revenue has increased or decreased, the license fee payable will adjust accordingly.

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