About Us

Society Profits (R) L3C is a social enterprise company and a community network builder. We are based in Michigan and support social enterprise businesses to prove their credentials by assessing them for the third-part accreditation - USA Certified Social Enterprise.  We hold the exclusive U.S. license for the Social Enterprise Mark, a certification created for social enterprises in the UK. The Social Enterprise Mark has been re-developed for the US social enterprise business sector through beta-testing, independent legal review and peer consultation. 

We provide the accreditation for the social enterprise sellers, then work with other social enterprise ecosystem builders to help those verified sellers gain social procurement contracts, build local networks and improve their social enterprise business.

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Above all else, Society Profits is a collaborative social enterprise company. We want to help fill gaps in the social impact procurement ecosystem in the U.S. not duplicate good work being done by others. We work with the following infrastructure partners partners in the following areas:

Outreach & Marketplace

Good Market is a curated online platform for enterprises that are “good for people and good for
the planet.” It operates as a community governed, not-for-profit social enterprise and is
registered in the US. The core of the site is a free curation process and crowdsourced
monitoring system. Additional marketplace and community services are being developed.
Good Market is set up to highlight and support existing communities, networks, and online
platforms. They can create a free network page on the site that serves as a free community
marketplace for all of their members. Since the content is user generated, it makes it easier to
maintain an updated directory, and it reduces administrative costs. Many international groups
have started network pages and are now getting their members on, for example, Social
Enterprise UK and World Fair Trade Organization.

Procurement Services

Buy Social USA is registered as a not-for profit social enterprise and is focused on expanding
social procurement opportunities in the US through a network of local partners. They provide
intermediary services to help connect certified social enterprises with corporations, government,
and other large-scale institutional buyers.

Buy Social USA works with local infrastructure organizations to share programming and build the skills needed to create local social procurement ecosystems. The local organizations can use these skills to bring local impact builders together – offering workshops, webinars, meetings, networking sessions, impact reporting services, and more to members and non-members. The collaboration enables the local organization to be part of a network of like-minded organizations, increasing social procurement selling opportunities as well as supporting buyers interested in integrating social procurement into their supply chains. This approach also creates opportunities for collective marketing, awareness raising, and policy shaping. Buy Social USA then links the local networks to regional, national and international social procurement networks.

Any organization with a social impact purpose is welcomed into these networks and encouraged to work together with others to improve the world and help to use Purchasing for People and Planet.


Need a downloadable overview of becoming a USA Certified Social Enterprise? here is a PDF you can download that talks you through:

  • Why it's important

  • How it helps social enterprises

  • How it links with Buy Social USA to support social procurement in the US.

  • How it differs from being a certified B Corp

  • What's involved in the process of becoming certified.

If you would like one of our team to talk you or your co-workers through these slides please reach out any time!