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About Us

Society Profits is a social enterprise company and a community network builder. We are based in Michigan and support corporations all over the U.S. to deliver more than just profits. Our mission is to help third-party verified social enterprises, selling goods and services, to engage in social impact procurement and find corporate buyers. We hold the exclusive U.S. license for the Social Enterprise Mark, the only globally available third-party certification for social enterprises.

We also work with the buyers to help them integrate social impact or 'benefit' procurement into their supply chains and then measure and share their impact.

Founder and CEO Rebecca Dray has first hand experience of setting up and running her own social impact businesses in England. She knows what it feels like to be jack of all trades, trying to scale your social enterprise business and find new sales channels whilst doing good in your community and supporting people to transform their lives.


Rebecca also has first hand knowledge of competing for contracts with corporate buyers and the value of transparency and trust that is built when your social impact business has the Social Enterprise Mark. She works hard to help social entrepreneurs grow and scale whilst supporting corporations and consumers to impact their communities and environment through the every day purchase of goods and services.

Above all else, Society Profits is a collaborative social enterprise company. We want to help fill gaps in the social impact procurement ecosystem in the U.S. not duplicate good work being done by others. We actively seek to work with, and give voice to, the great works being done by others. We are always seeking out partners in the following areas:

Social enterprise businesses and their networks: If you work in a social enterprise business or help to bring others in this space together, join our free online seller network. The further we can spread your reach the better. 

If you want to meet others that work in the same or similar lines of business to you, Contact Us and we will help to link you up with others in your sector for collaborations, group sourcing of goods and more. 

Angel and Impact Investors: We are always looking for investors that want to help social enterprise sellers to grow and do more good. If you are part of an investing group and would like to offer investment to a social enterprise so that it can scale up and meet the demand of a new contract please Contact Us to find out more.

Socially minded businesses and anchor institutions: We need buyers to come forward and help to bring about this new social impact procurement economy. Buying from social enterprises might be new to your company, but with our help you can achieve great things. Contact Us to find out more and be part of this emerging impact economy. 

Society Profits collaborates with a network of companies from all over the world that have been developing robust social impact procurement services for many years. We have developed relationships with partners in the U.S. to provide a simple procurement model with wrap around support for both Buyer and Seller. This includes access to business development support, investors for growth, a verified supply chain database and easy to use impact metrics and reporting systems.


Having a third party intermediary, with first hand knowledge of the sector, allows for higher connectivity and the ability to identify gaps in the market - places where social entrepreneurs can create products and services with market demand already identified and buyers already seeking sellers.